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I'm so glad you dropped in! Down here in Cajun country we strive to make our guests feel at home (Cajuns are known for their hospitality!). Please click on a button at the left to go to one of my category pages. If you see something that interests you, click on the small picture to go to a larger picture, where you will find more details and the price for that item.
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Telephone 985-446-0197
I am located in Thibodaux, Louisiana -Deep in Cajun Country!

Jewelry by Joan is a product of one of those 'processes of fate' that just seemed to need to happen. I have been doing all sorts of crafts since I was young (including, but not limited to – crocheting, chair caning, and painting), but the jewelry making came about almost by accident. I overheard a friend-of-a-friend talking about Franklin, NC, and about digging for gemstones there. We were looking for a good place for our next family vacation, so we went. We found rubies, sapphires, and other stones that needed to be cut, so we started looking for someone to do that work for us. We went to our local mall to shop, and there happened to be a craft show going on that weekend. We came across the booth of a crafter who called himself “The Stone Man”. He cut stones for customers, and lived in a town close to ours. I noticed some wire-sculpture in his booth, and said how wonderful I thought it was, and how I would love to learn to do that. He told me that his wife had taken a class from a fellow in a town near his, and even gave me the fellow’s web page address. That fellow, Master Wire Sculptor Preston Reuther, was just starting his newsletter, and I quickly subscribed. He was setting up to teach his first 'bootcamp' (class), for which I quickly signed up, and that was the beginning of Jewelry by Joan. I have since taken other classes, and taken part in many online chats and bulletin boards to learn all I could about this wonderful art form. I am, of course, still learning, and probably will be for the rest of my life, and that is fine by me. I still do other crafts, but this one is the one I feel most “guided” to, and the one I love to do above all others. My family is very supportive, and it has nothing to do with the fact that they (my husband, daughter, and two sons) are all sporting wire jewelry designed by me!

Please come back often - I will try to keep new and exciting items on all of my pages.

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